The Prairie Dog Trio

The Prairie Dog Trio are musicians that always pop up to say the name of the episode, whenever any character says something and sometimes the last words at the end of every episode, the prairie dogs always sing and never talk normally as they are hardly noticeable by any other characters. One of them is a female, but the other two are male.


All three prairie dogs have brown fur, sky blue eyes, pink noses and wear no shoes.

  • [Left] prairie dog wears a red hat, yellow shirt, blue overalls and plays a guitar. (Unofficial name: Jack)
  • [Center] prairie dog wears a blue bonnet, a white shirt, a pink dress and apron but carries no instrument. (Unofficial name: Maisy)
  • [Right] prairie dog wears a yellow hat, green overalls and plays a banjo. (Unofficial name: Ricky)